The Game Crafter

The Game Crafter lets you create and publish your board game through their site. This is where I was hoping to release my game, but I'm not sure they have all the parts I need. The good things about it is that you can sell just one game since there's no need to order a bulk of games. From what I understand, you also keep the rights to your game.

Do you have experience of this site? Or do you know of any good alternatives?

August 27, 2012.

Jolly Jellyfish

I actually swam in pink jellyfish once. It was mildly unpleasant. Someone said they didn't sting, but they did, just a little bit.

Yet another mood. August 2012.

Website launch!

Today, this site goes live! What do you think of it?

I will post updates here as soon as something new happens with the game, and your feedback is more than welcome. Note that development is very sporadic.

August 9, 2012.

Playtest 3

Playtested with my mum, we played the game from start to finish and it was surprisingly well balanced. We won, but it wasn't a given win. We weren't sure of the outcome up until the last round, which I am very happy about! No anti-climax because you known for long that you will win.

I was writing down things to solve each round and had to invent rules on the go as usual. But the game flowed much more smoothly than during the last playtest. Mum was a great playtester and I will have good use of her input.

My character almost died fighting this hideous beast! August 2012.